125th: Time in Harlem

This publication, exhibition and series of public programs portrays one of America's great "main streets" during a time of profound transition.

125th: Time in Harlem

125th: Time in Harlem examines Harlem's paradox of place: the tension between the everyday reality of its streets - often contentious, always complex - and the cultural brand it has established in our collective imagination. 

The project includes the book, exhibitions, and a series of public programs. The project's aim is to extend the experience generated by the photographs through exchange and public participation at events and forums. Our hope  is to encourage reflection on the past and future of Harlem, New York and other urban centers in rapid flux, and to explore the roles that artists and cultural thinkers play in imagining and shaping our communities.


More information: 

The artists 

Edward's essay THE PARADOX OF PLACE 

Excerpt from “125th Street, Interrupted” by Vicki Goldberg    

Notes on a collaboration  

A chronology of 125th Street by Jonathan Gill  




Photographic printing by  Laser Light Photographics  

Video production by  Jacob Templin  

Book design by  Patricia Childers 

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