125th: Time in Harlem

This publication, exhibition and series of public programs portrays one of America's great "main streets" during a time of profound transition.


This page acknowledges the many people and organizations that have backed 125th: Time in Harlem.

Thank you for helping us pursue our goal of publishing the book and spreading our message to a wider audience!

 Artspire, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts

Manhattan Community Arts Fund

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation

Puffin Foundation

Harlem Community Arts Fund, a program of the Harlem Arts Alliance

River Architects

Harlem Lofts Inc 

Luq Adejumo

Vogel Family

Rev. Brad and Lazetta Braxton

James and Debra Diggs

Michael and Vicki Sulllivan

Henry Family

Walter and Lola Dudley

Sandra Diggs

Massey Family

Gregg Wilson and Caroline Rupprecht

Bruno Gordon and Hannah Brooks

Barry Schuyler

Matt Vogel & Raissa Venables

Guido Grasso

Tracy Peterson

An Rong Xu

Edna and Hillel Shohet

Gerald Cyrus

Kristen & Colin de Paor

Lazetta Braxton

Heather Renée Russ-Mielen

David Dudley


Harlem Properties

Claire Oliver Gallery

Tamisha Anthony

Barbara Young

Lara Thomas

Jim Hoekema

Ezinne Ukoha

Lisa Nelson Henry

Doris Chaou

Quinton J. Massey

Zachary Diggs

Patricia Childers

Laura Johnson

Thomas M. Cervone

Elizabeth Diggs

Beverly T Bolding

Eric Garcia

Salman Rejwan

Caroline Rupprecht

Michael Bettencourt

Beverly Abbott

Hannah Brooks

Sandra E Terry

Josephine Stokes

Dwight Primiano 

M. Marcia Cromer

Lisa Linsky